CORE XLR8 Features

The heart of CORE XLR8 is its online platform. This provides educators with the tools to design formative assessments, administer online/offline testing via plain paper, virtual bubble sheets, scanner protocols, or clicker technologies, and then receive resulting data in a variety of insightful reports. 

Our new interface is visually appealing and highly intuitive with our five-step test creation process that empowers teachers and administrators to create assessments – whether a short quiz, end-of-chapter test, or quarterly benchmark – in only moments.

Key Features for Teachers and Administrators

Content Creation & Management

  • Create items and assessments based on a user-defined or Common Core assessment blueprint
  • Deploy and share assessments at the classroom, school and district level
  • Flexible delivery options: online, plain paper and bubble sheet scanning


Configurable Testing Environment

  • Timed testing option with color-coded countdown to monitor pacing
  • Text to speech capability and font size control
  • Teacher-enabled toolsets (ruler, highlighter, calculator, protractor, etc.)
  • Option for test question and answer choice randomization


Reporting & Data Analysis

  • Immediate, valid and reliable assessment data and progress monitoring
  • Dashboard widget library to select from
  • Data warehousing for longitudinal reporting
  • Drag and drop ad hoc reporting with CORE Analytics 


Additional Assessment Elements

  • Common Core test item banks for Mathematics & ELA
  • Universal Common Core Screeners for Mathematics & ELA
  • Targeted Algebra Readiness Screener for grades 5-8


CORE Education Consulting Services

  • Professional development webinars & workshops
  • Custom item and assessment blueprinting and development
  • Custom platform and data integration services