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LAUSD Renews Contract with CORE for 2013-2014

The CORE/LAUSD collaboration to design and implement a comprehensive formative assessment program for nearly 600,000 students has produced outstanding results.

Now in its sixth year, LAUSD has tripled their implementation with not only periodic assessments but also progress monitoring, diagnostic assessments, and end-of-course exams.

And, they are utilizing a California-specific subset of our item bank – 23,000 items aligned to the California idiom and format by our in-house research and development professionals using Universal Design protocols. Over the past calendar year over 45,000 teachers have used Assessment Center to author, share and deliver over 1000 assessments.

Data Points:
Their efforts have been shown to be exceptionally effective, with student progress measured on state summative assessments exceeding the state’s averages across the board. For such a large urban school district in the US, and with all the challenges of geographic size and diversity of its student population, this is a remarkable success.