About CORE Education Solutions

CORE Education Solutions Group (CORE ESG) is a technology-driven education solutions provider, delivering research-based products, services, and solutions for schools, state departments of education and other institutions of learning. 

Assessment Solutions

CORE XLR8 - K-12 Formative Assessment & Learning Solution
CORE Education Solutions offers an assessment platform proven at scale with millions of students and hundreds of thousands of educators. The platform can be leveraged to administer statewide standardized assessments that monitor AYP data and as a teacher-friendly test engine used by teachers to create their own end-of-unit evaluations to inform differentiated instructional practices in the classroom. 

Item Banks
Items for educators to create assessments that are developed using a thorough quality-assurance process and aligned directly to the skill, cognitive, and difficulty levels taught in the standards.

Screener Assessments
Assessments that identify students' cognitive understanding of concepts taught in the standards through a standardized formative assessment structure.

Custom Assessments
Assessments tailored to district standards for periodic administration that help prepare students and forecast their Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) performance.

Comprehensive Education Solutions

Special Education Data Management:  Bright IDEA®
A web-based software program designed to dramatically simplify the management of exceptional child data, workflow processes and compliance reporting, from birth to adulthood. Learn More

Pre-K Provider Management:  Pre-K Matters
A user-friendly, online system built to oversee and report on application submission rosters, budgets, payment processing and more. Learn More

Financial Data Management:  States First™
Facilitates automated collection of district and school level financial data, validating the data based upon state-defined codes and storing it for future access. Learn More