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Dell Assistive Technologies


It is exciting that industry leading companies such as Dell and CORE Education and Consulting Solutions (ECS) have taken a bold first step in truly integrating with the special needs population.  Michael Dell believes that “technology is about enabling human potential”.  By launching the new Specialized Equipment Solutions program Dell is showing they mean ALL human potential, regardless of ability. 

Dell is launching into the assistive technology realm and has partnered with TERI to gain insight into how assistive technologies are used and implemented into special needs classrooms. This new program, Specialized Equipment Solutions, is to help educators simplify the procurement deployment and ongoing support of assistive learning programs. To provide the best in breed technology in classrooms individualized to the students’ abilities. To learn more visit Dell's Assistive Technologies.

Amanda Ward with CORE ECS introduced Dell to TERI making the Dell video a reality and is always working hard at advocating for the population TERI serves.  There are some very exciting synergies forming between CORE ECS, Dell and TERI and the relationship is only beginning to bud with flourishing blooms on the horizon.  To learn more about Amanda and the CORE ECS family visit the CORE Education and Consulting Solutions website.

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Check out this video that demostrates our new and exciting partnership with Dell & CORE ECS: