Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies


The Gartner Group estimates that over 80% of desktops deployed after 2012 will be virtual. We are able to help customers slash both capital and operational expenditures NOW, by deploying virtual desktops on a variety of platforms. Our solutions range from workgroup deployments through multicampus staged rollouts.

Collaboration Services

Email is a critical resource for keeping distributed workforces aligned and focused. CORE offers two best in class solutions: Hosted VMware Zimbra and Hosted Microsoft Exchange. To help organizations manage some of the issues associated with cyber security, CORE bases its email solution on Zimbra combined with collaborative layered security and filtering technologies; delivering a truly safe environment for collaboration.

Backup for Recovery Services

It’s not enough to simply backup data. Meeting Recovery Time Objectives for a single file or after a natural/manmade event, can be the difference between success and failure. We leverage best in class data protection solutions that perform application specific backups and client-side deduplication to optimize the time to backup and recovery. We know where your data is, PHYSICALLY, and will protect it like it was our own. Your data never leaves our shores.

Virtual Data Center Services

For those customers needing the convenience of rapidly-deployable virtual computing platforms, CORE is providing customers the same compute resources used to run our own in-house mission critical applications. While we could have gone the low cost route, CORE chose the high-value solution that provides customers the functionality that mission-critical workloads require.

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