Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

The S.A.F.E. System

How fast can your teachers react to an emergency? Every second counts. 

Timely help for teachers is critical to resolving both small matters and life-threatening crises. The SAFE System™ provides the necessary information using Audio Enhancement’s patented infrared classroom audio system. Issues can be contained before they escalate into major incidents.

The S.A.F.E. System was recently featured on this CNN report:

How Does it work?

It is simple and easy to use, for any situation:

  1. Press the microphone button to silently activate the system
  2. Alert is instantly sent to first responders and live audio/ video feeds are activated
  3. Appropriate assistance can be dispatched quickly with clear and concise information

Audio Enhancement has been improving learning environments for over 30 years. When educators expressed the need to be able to summon assistance quickly, the SAFE System was born.

Now students and teachers can have a classroom that is not only the best place for instruction, but a secure location with the ability to alert the right people at the right time.

The combination of Audio Enhancement and the SAFE System allows Superintendents to realize their objectives of ensuring academic achievement and student safety.

Schools of all sizes across the country are successfully using the SAFE System for the security of their teachers and students, as well as reducing liability concerns. Options are provided for prevention, mitigation and incident resolution.

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