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Advanced Technologies

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Our turn-key solution provides your organization with an efficient, hassle-free computer installation. CORE ATG will manage the ordering of your systems to ensure you receive exactly what your organization requires. We will receive your products at our warehouse for storage until the installation date, and prepare your systems to your specifications with our imaging and etching services. When they are ready, CORE ATG will deliver the systems to your site with our fleet of vehicles and certified computer technicians, de-install and manage the recycling of your retired systems, and install and set up your new systems all during the same day.

CORE ATG has perfected our installation procedure over the years to provide our customers with fast installation time, and to reduce the amount of employee downtime.

Color & Laser Etching

Our color and laser etching services ensure the security of your computer equipment. Your personalized logo can be etched directly on any laptop or desktop computer using our high-powered laser etching equipment. The resulting image will forever brand your computer to your organization. Using color etching inks that bond with the composition of the computer case, your personalized logo and recovery information is applied directly to laptops, desktops, towers, monitors and laptop bags.

Either of these security techniques act as a theft deterrent. Unlike security software that can be removed by replacing a hard drive, the etched image is permanent. Using this method for recovery of stolen items has proven to be successful for local police departments.


Adjusting computer settings and installing required software across all the computers in your organization would be a painstaking task, requiring many man-hours if done manually.

CORE ATG will create and apply an image to your computers using your licensed software. Fully-equipped imaging tables in our own warehouse allow efficient installation of software and settings prior to delivery to your building. Additionally, on-site imaging, at your facility, is available if preferred. Let us do everything for you, and you will receive your new, ready-for-use computers with no down time for users.

Asset Tagging

No matter how an organization maintains its assets, it needs some system in place to identify those items as property of the organization, tracking to whom assets are assigned and where they are allocated, as well as any maintenance performed on those assets. The simplest and least expensive way to do this is with a numbered and bar-coded asset tag, which declares that an item belongs to the organization, and facilitates the tracking process of the asset.

CORE ECS can create and apply bar-coded asset tags for your equipment, prior to installation, including your personalized logo, contact information, and anything else your organization requires.