Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Assistive Learning Technologies

Technology can open the world to individuals with disabilities by providing an avenue to promote greater independence, a voice for communication and access to information. Through the use of technology, students become empowered in the world around them.

While assistive technology can help all students excel, special needs educators are often challenged with the complexity of acquiring, implementing and supporting such a diverse range of technology. CORE has partnered with Dell to deliver Assistive Technology Services (ATS), designed to simplify and streamline the end to end process, and enable you to stay focused on helping students succeed.

Check out this video that demostrates our new and exciting partnership with Dell & CORE ECS:


ATS provides each school board or disability support services office and students with a complete solution, including:

  • Single partner for evaluating, selecting and sourcing Dell and non-Dell hardware and software technology to meet each student's specific need
  • Dedicated project manager who will work with your school board / disabled support services department and will manage the program from start to finish
  • Single purchase order for comprehensive technology solution
  • Pre-staging of all hardware to ensure functionality
  • Scheduled, consolidated delivery and installation services
  • Ongoing professional learning by a dedicated training team to ensure that students, parents, teachers and specialists are trained on the assistive technology as well as best practices in instructional approaches
  • Instructional and technical support to improve the overall educational experience 
  • Assistive Technology Services, developed in collaboration with Intel, helps ensure assistive technology is easily integrated into the overall technology infrastructure of a school/district or university. With CORE managing the end-to-end process, educators are able to focus more time on instructional practices that empower learners, and not on the administrative tasks of deploying technology.


CORE is committed to helping you empower individuals with disabilities to engage, communicate and collaborate with assistive technology.