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Cloud Based Services

How would you like to get a full range of IT systems and services without investing in your own infrastructure, local technicians, or even a single server?

CORE Advanced Technologies’ Learning Cloud systems will bring you the power of a fully configured educational infrastructure wherever you have an internet connection and a web browser.

Cloud Computing Solutions

A Clearer View of The Cloud

A great many organizations are looking to the promise of cloud-based computing as a means to lower costs, speed deployments, adopt new services, and reshape current operations. Despite the hope and promise of Cloud Computing, there remain two realities; first, all clouds are not created equal, and second, a great deal of customer success is tied to the quality of partner chosen to assist the customer through its journey.

CORE Advanced Technologies has developed a Cloud-based Services strategy designed to help customers leverage the best of the cloud while avoiding associated pitfalls. Our holistic model begins with a fully-virtualized, hardened infrastructure housed in one of the industry’s finest data centers, and extends through a comprehensive suite of services targeted at addressing a focused set of customer issues.

Remember, all clouds are NOT created equal

CORE Advanced Technologies is uniquely positioned as your quality partner to help you with your journey to the cloud. With knowledgeable, certified and experienced resources and an enterprise-class, “always on”, and secure infrastructure, our services are focused on solving real problems today.

We are ready and able to help you and your organization get the most out of your journey to the cloud.